The modular LYSAGHT NEETASCREEN® is one of the most versatile and durable fencing systems you can buy. The COLORBOND® pre-painted steel finish with vertical ribbed TRIMWALL® panels provide strength and simple assembly.

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Supplier of Lysaght Fence Panels & Gates

Materials Supplied &/or Erected

Large Colour Range
Bluescope Steel
All Work Guaranteed
Lysaght Colorbond Fences & Gates
Chainmesh Security Fencing

Pool Fencing & Gates

Timber Paling Fences



LYSAGHT SMARTASCREEN® is the latest addition to the LYSAGHT® range. Keeping neighbours happy with its stylish appearance on both sides. The innovative panel fencing offers clean attractive lines with a unique subtle textured finish.

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LYSAGHT® Fencing is manufactured from quality pre-painted COLORBOND® steel in a range of mix & match colours, so it won’t crack, chip, peel or warp, even in the harshest climate.

All our Fencing Solutions are unsurpassed for low maintenance, durability, wind resistance, security, privacy – and are also fire and termite resistant.

And since all LYSAGHT® Fencing Solutions are covered by an exclusive 10 year warranty you can have complete peace of mind.

Our Town Fencings manufactured products are available in a wide selection of colours and are powdercoated for extended life and low maintenance.

The Our Town Fencing range of Flat Top, Loop Top, Intermittent Ring, Ring & Scroll plus Loop & Spear tubular fencing is manufactured using the 45% stronger four fin rail.

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